Dr. Sean Erreger

Title/Professional Role:
Clinical Consultant

Contact Information:
stuckonsw at gmail dot com

Awake Labs

I am full time clinical care manager in New York State. My tech role is currently as a clinical consultant for a mental health start-up. I also have written a lot about technology and social work in the past.

Areas of Tech Expertise:
Current interest is in Wearable Technology (smart watches) and how they may be used for mental health.

How did you become interested in technology:
Start out interested in behavioral health and medical practice integration then technology started to come up as a theme to assist with care. I became interested in care coordination technology.

Why is technology relevant to social work:
Technology will become so ubiquitous to all levels of social work practice, we should be leaders in best practices for implementation and evaluation.

Do you have a primary project that we should know about?
Learn more about Awake Labs at www.AwakeLabs.com