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The Struggle is Real

Dear Social Workers, I didn’t get very much done this week, in the way of research. Every week brings something new. And that means another Period of Adjustment. And that’s ok. I’m trying to find the things that I love to do, to round out my life. Those are worth a little extra effort. And… Read More

Sunny Days and Mondays

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I’m on day three of the three-day weekend. I’ve spent two glorious days doing absolutely nothing of consequence. I really needed that. It’s not as if I’m getting any younger, and I’ve taken to odd aches in random places, all the time. And now, on day three, I’m catching up on… Read More

Talk Shows and Jazz Hosts

I grew up in the era of early talk shows, and transistor radios. My sister and I were latchkey kids, and our schools were often on double session. I’d get home early in the afternoon, and ignore my chores until the last minute, so I could watch soap operas and talk shows. I outgrew the… Read More